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InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method
Written by Jaffer
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 17:50
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Audit Manual Software efficiency Clarity International Auditing Standards ISAs hot cold File Review Financial Statements accounts efficient ETB Exempt checklist Report New Client IR35

  Cuts 40% of audit work time
    = Profitability

  Unnecessary extras excluded
   = Less time spent

  Efficiency short-cuts
    = Less work involvement

  User-friendly program layout
    = Less staff supervision 

  Complies with Clarity Int'l Standards of Auditing
    = Peace of mind

Throughout, this audit manual has inbuilt prompts for the user to avoid over auditing and under auditing. 

International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) are professional standards for the performance of financial audit of financial information.
ISAs apply to audit of accounting periods from 15 December 2009.

India: Clarity Project
ISAs are called SA Clarity Project

The first version of this manual was produced in 1995.
Established for over 25 years. Ongoing upgrades over the years have made it most efficient.

Windows7, Windows 8,
Windows 10 or higher

Software: MS Excel  2000, 2013, 365 or higher

Delivery: Link in email for an instantaneous download

Latest Upgrade:
sceptical approach adequacy
senior level involvement in planning
risk of non-disclosure of all related parties
sufficient expertise of audit team
revenue recognition accounting policy
thinking auditor approach
internal control testing
following the true spirit of ISAs

Throughout, this audit manual has inbuilt prompts for the user to avoid over auditing and under auditing.

Very efficient for SMEs.
Disclosure checklist included.

Financial statements
are first prepared from your separate accounts software. Then you audit them by using "InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method"

Updated annually
2017 version:
Audit accounts period start any date in 2016 or 2017.
But they all end in 2017.
Therefore, you can set:
1-31 AnyMonth 2016 
to 1-31 AnyMonth 2017
1-31 AnyMonth 2017 
to 1-31 AnyMonth 2017

All screens/prints show
the a/c period ending in 2017

For audit of a/c periods in 2018, you order the 2018 version upgraded for:
- the latest regulations
- best practice
- new shortcuts developed
- user suggestions.

Click - Demo Presentation

Sold & Used in
  34 countries

W. Europe
U.K., Cyprus, Gibraltar,
Ireland, Malta

Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia Malaysia,
Papua New Guinea,
Singapore, Thailand

Botswana, Ethiopia,
Gambia, Ghana,
Kenya, Mauritius,
Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania,
Uganda, Zambia

West Indies
Antigua & Barbuda,
British Virgin Islands, Grenada, 
St Vincent & The Grenadines,
Trinidad & Tobago
St Kitts & Nevis

Middle East
UAE, Saudi Arabia


       "I have used InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method for five years. We had previously used Auditplus, who dropped out of the marketplace. I have always found your InPractice Audit Manual to be comprehensive and easy to use. At our recent monitoring visit, it was the first time the inspector had seen an audit done using your system but he was very impressed with this system, and with our work recording! I have no hesitation in recommending your excellent software."
        - Norman A Thomas FCA, Turner and Brown, Preston, UK
  "I have been using the InPractice Audit Manual for a number of years. I find the manual easy to use and it enables me to focus my audit effort effectively. The time-saving benefits of using the system means I can undertake audits in accordance with the international auditing standards and still make a profit."
        - Julian Arnold ACA, John Davis & Co, Bristol, U.K.
   "I felt I had lost my way with audits and found that using PCAxxS was becoming more complex and time consuming. Time spent with InPractice Hot File Reviews has helped me to focus on auditing. "InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method" software proved to be easier and computer friendly."
        - Aidan Crilly FCA, Great Bookham, Surrey, U.K. (Regulated by ICAEW)
  "Thanks for the email. I have downloaded and all appears ok. After only a couple of hours last night I think I have the hang of it. It is just what we need."
        - Steve Miles FCA, Berry & Partners, Chartered Accountants, Leicester, U.K.
   "We just had an audit monitoring visit from our audit regulator. They were happy with InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method. They also complemented us on our audit files, and agreed that by us using your audit system we can reach the same conclusion with less work, and those savings can be passed onto our clients with more cost-effective audit fees."
        - Jeffrey Lermer FCA, Jeff Lermer & Associates, Barnet, London, U.K.
   "I have used "InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method" software at a previous firm and was so impressed that I have convinced my current employer to switch to this software. It is so much more user friendly than some of the other audit manuals on the market."
        - Andy Evangelou ACCA, London, U.K.
   "I have started my first audit on InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method. It does make a lot of difference in the thinking process and proper documentation of the audit/permanent file. I used AuditPlus at a local Big4 practice I worked at. I found AuditPlus to be bulky, cumbersome and took a lot of time to master and implement. I liked your software the very first few minutes I used it."
        - Shorab Cadersaib FCCA, Affinity Consultants Ltd, Mauritius
"We decided to change from the Merxxx audit pack to a more concise audit pack produced by InPractice Software.  The decision to change was based on the over bureaucratic nature of Merxxx audit system. We felt the constant to-ing and fro-ing results in the sign-off sections being left with too many opportunities to avoid or miss necessary procedures. In addition, the (Merxxx) pack was over voluminous. There developed a tendency in the audit team to rely on described procedures rather than on their own thought processes. For this reason we chose a more concise pack (InPractice) which has very straight forward sign-off procedures and is clearer as to what has or hasn't been done."
        3-partners ICAEW audit firm, Windsor, U.K. (Name and address provided)
They had an audit file review by InPractice and we noticed they had written this to their regulator.
"We have been very pleased to implement the InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method and our staff find it very user-friendly. Keep up the good work."
        - Jay Dhanjee, Dhanjee Associates & Cie, Mauritius
"The cross-referencing of InPractice Audit Manual software is fantastic."
        - Anthoulis Trokoudes, IntelAudit Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus

AUDIT FILE REVIEW  We provide audit file reviews, both Hot Reviews and Cold Reviews.

♦ Discuss your regulator's report to devise solutions to remove the expensive hot file reviews

♦ Comply with Clarity ISAs to record  your audit work in your audit files

♦ On-spot training by using your own audit file instead of talking about generalised situations at CPD courses

♦ Discuss and clear out audit cobwebs

♦ Continue auditing a company you have audited for more than 7 years

♦ Mention in your annual return (to renewing audit license) that your audit file review was carried out by an external reviewer

♦ Form good habits to overcome common errors and faults

If your objective is to upgrade your audit files and so be released early from your regulator's expensive restrictions, that is what we deliver!

Your audit file review is carried out by a highly-experienced auditor, lecturer and author of InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method. The difference is in the extensive experience. Vast experience including audit of traders, service companies, real estate, fashion, media, bookshop chain, PLCs, manufacturing, farms, interior design, Lloyds of London syndicates, underwriters, brokers, names agents and offshore insurance captives, wholesalers, real estate rentals, real estate developers, exporters, manufacturers and more.

SEND FILES BY COURIER Review queries discussed by phone, with a written report by email/post.
VISIT TO YOUR OFFICE Review audit file with you and your audit staff; constitutes 7hrs CPD.


"Just to let you know I had a letter from ICAEW lifting all restrictions on my firm's audit registration. Going forward I need to have one cold file review per year, starting in 2013, as part for my firm's normal annual ACR. Thanks for all your help to date with you audit file reviews."
- Julian Arnold ACA, John Davis & Co, Bristol, U.K.

"I prefer you to carry out a Hot File Review in a meeting so that I can make file improvements on spot and retrain before signing the audit report, instead of posting my audit file to someone anonymous whose report says all my work was faulty." - Auditor in N.W. London (Regulated by ICAEW)                

"The Monitoring Inspector was able to go through my audit file very quickly and was out of our office in half a day, thanks to the retraining and audit file review by you."
- Savage & Co, London (Regulated by ACCA)     

"I would like to thank you for your time, patience and professional service. I gained a tremendous amount from your review. The presentation of my files has improved considerably."  

- Ruby Marlane Barton & Co, Twickenham, Middx (Regulated by ICA Scotland)     

"Further to my email, the results of the hot file reviews have now been considered by (name of audit regulator's department).  We are pleased to note that the second hot file review identified fewer areas for improvement than the first hot file review and that we are finding the time spent with the reviewer beneficial in gaining knowledge, particularly with respect to improving our audit documentation. I look forward to receiving the results of the next hot file review, which will hopefully demonstrate that further improvements in our audit work have been achieved and that the improvements already made have been sustained and built upon."
- Letter received by an over-joyed auditor who has hot file reviews by InPractice Software
XX">Audit Manual Software efficiency Clarity International Auditing Standards ISAs hot cold File Review Financial Statements accounts efficient ETB Exempt checklist Report New Client IR35



Efficiency software for auditors and accountants who want to
be more profitable, exclude work duplication, reduce stress
and leave work on time.


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