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Written by Jaffer
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 18:38
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Benefits:  Reduce loss-making by learning where and how to exclude over-auditing
                 Reduce the risk of litigation and negligence claims by learning how to address under-audited areas. 

For who
:   Your audit staff, the person signing the Auditor's Report, or your audit team.

Refresher: You as the Senior Statutory Auditor signing the Auditor's Report may wish to brush up your audit completion techniques.

Duration:   A day or more, periodic sessions.

Location:  At your office or a hired room at a hotel.

Auditor since the 1970s, audited at sole practitioners, medium-sized practices and a Big4
Senior Statutory Auditor at partner level
Author of Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method
Vast experience including audit of traders, service companies, real estate,
    fashion, media, bookshop chain, PLCs, manufacturing, farms,
    Lloyds of London syndicates, underwriters, brokers, names agents and offshore insurance captives

with your audits can be turned into profit-making.
Your audit fee has to be very competitive for clients to stay with your firm.
Audit staff are prone to over-spend audit work time with over-auditing.
It is time to invest in audit re-training.

Remove gaps in your audit files to comply with Clarity International Auditing Standards.
Crucial audit work is either neglected or is unrecorded.
Audit staff need guidance and supervision to avoid under-auditing.
It is time to invest in re-training to reduce the risk of litigation and the wrath of your audit regulator.

Contact us to put together customised training according to your requirement.

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Efficiency software for auditors and accountants who want to
be more profitable, exclude work duplication, reduce stress
and leave work on time.


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