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InPractice Audit Exempt Manual - UK
Written by Jaffer
Monday, 17 January 2011 22:48
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For UK companies only.

Speedily produces the contents of an audit exempt working papers file in a couple of hours.

With little supervision, junior staff can produce the working papers file due to user-friendly layout.

Decion making:

Q: Should I not have a structured audit exempt file?

Q: Can I afford to invest in this tool-of-the-trade?

Q: What is the cost divided over the number of my firm's audit exempt clients?

Q: Would my client, colleagues and my professional body be less troublesome if I had structured Audit Exempt files?

Reduces your work production costs to be more profitable.
Reduces your risk of disputes and setbacks!

  Disclosure checklist includes "Micro Entities" matters.

Turnover £10.2m for financial periods commencing 1 January 2016.
Companies Act 2006 exempts certain UK Ltd companies from a statutory audit for turnover up to GBP £6.5 million in 2015.

No structured audit exempt file? If misconduct or negligence is alleged, your working papers file is crucial for your defence.

Company directors are required to sign an onerous declaration on the Balance Sheet. This manual has specific Audit Exemption tests to support their legalistic declaration on the Balance Sheet.

Anyone is allowed to compile audit exempt financial statements but company directors prefer to appoint established accountancy firms.

Certain professional regulators do ask to see audit exempt working papers files.

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Financial statements are first prepared from separate accounts production software.
Then test the audit exemption aspect by using "InPractice Audit Exempt Manual: The Cost-Effective Method"

First version was produced in 1995. Ongoing upgrades have made it highly efficient.

Updated annually
2017 version:
Start date DD-MM-2016/17
End date DD-MM-2017
All screens/prints show
the a/c period ending in 2017

For a/c periods ending in 2018, you may order the 2018 version.
It is upgraded annually for:
- changes in the latest regulations
- best practice
- new shortcuts
- user suggestions

Platform: Windows 95, Windows7, Windows 8 or higher

Software: MS Excel 95, 2008, 2010, 2013 and higher

Delivery: Link in email to you, click on it for an instantaneous download


"Very cleverly done for speedy work completion."
“I feel more relaxed by using this manual in case my regulator asks.”
Prompts to check all essential things in a methodical way.”

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Efficiency software for auditors and accountants who want to
be more profitable, exclude work duplication, reduce stress
and leave work on time.


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