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The cross-referencing of InPractice Audit Manual software is fantastic.

Anthoulis Trokoudes ( IntelAudit Ltd , Nicosia, Cyprus )

It takes me less than half a day to produce Ltd Co financial statements with this software.

Alan Deighan ( Deighan & Co , Ilford, Essex, U.K. )

I have used InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method software at a previous firm and was so impressed that I have convinced my current employer to switch to this software. It is so much more user friendly than some of the other audit manuals on the market.

Andy Evangelou ACCA ( Chartered Accountants , London, UK )

InPr ETB Financial Statements Production software is simple to use. It is reliable. I wish I knew about it before I committed to the other one that costs thousands.

Charles Lambeth ( Charles Lambeth & Co , London, U.K. )

I have used InPractice ETB Accounts Production software for fifteen years. The lack of IXBRL on this software does not pose a major problem as the data can be easily transferred to HMRC’s website which takes 40 minutes and has an inbuilt review and checking facility.

Colin Cunningham ( Capital Accounting Services, London, UK )

Prompts to check all essential things in a methodical way in InPractice Audit EXEMPT Manual.

( Liverpool, U.K. )

I have received the InPr ETB Financial Statements Production software and loaded it onto my computer. This software enables me to complete my work much faster and is excellent value for money, that is why I have been buying it every year, since the year 2000.

R A Mitchell FCCA ( R A Mitchell & Co , Rochester, UK )

Thanks for the email with the download link. I have downloaded InPr Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method and all appears OK. After only a couple of hours last night I think I have the hang of it. It is just what we need.

Steve Miles FCA ( Berry & Partners , Chartered Accountants, Leicester, U.K. )

We just had an audit monitoring visit from our audit regulator. They were happy with InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method. They also complemented us on our audit files, and agreed that by us using your audit system we can reach the same conclusion with less work, and those savings can be passed onto our clients with more cost-effective audit fees.

Jeffrey Lermer FCA ( Jeff Lermer & Associates , Barnet, London, U.K )

We decided to change from the Merxxx audit pack to a more concise audit pack produced by InPractice Software. The decision to change was based on the over bureaucratic nature of Merxxx audit system. We felt the constant to-ing and fro-ing results in the sign-off sections being left with too many opportunities to avoid or miss necessary procedures. In addition, the (Merxxx) pack was over voluminous. There developed a tendency in the audit team to rely on described procedures rather than on their own thought processes. For this reason we chose a more concise pack (InPractice) which has very straight forward sign-off procedures and is clearer as to what has or hasn't been done.

3-partners ICAEW firm ( Chartered Accountants , Windsor, U.K. )

I have been using InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method for a number of years. I find the manual easy to use and it enables me to focus my audit effort effectively. The time-saving benefits of using the system means I can undertake audits in accordance with auditing standards and make a profit.

Julian Arnold ACA ( John Davis & Co , Bristol, U.K. )

I feel more relaxed by using this manual in case my regulator asks. (InPractice Audit EXEMPT Manual)

( Manchester, U.K. )

I have started my first audit on your software, InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method. It does make a lot of difference in the thinking process and proper documentation of the audit/permanent file. I used AuditPlus at a local Big4 practice I worked at. I found AuditPlus to be bulky, cumbersome and took a lot of time to master and implement. I liked your software the very first few minutes I used it.

Shorab Cadersaib FCCA ( Affinity Consultants Ltd , Mauritius )

I have used InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method for five years. We had previously used AuditPlus, who dropped out of the market place. I have always found your InPractice Audit Manual to be comprehensive and easy to use. At our last monitoring visit in 2009, it was the first time the inspector had seen an audit done using your system. He was very impressed with system, and with our work! I have no hesitation in recommending your excellent software.

Norman A Thomas FCA ( Turner and Brown , Preston, U.K. )

I moved back from “VT Final Accounts” to “InPractice ETB Accounts” because it is faster and more suitable for Trial Balance based accounts that only require journals to complete. I have requested minor changes which I believe will be done. But once again, simply great software.

Henry Hardoon ( H & H Associates , London, U.K. )

I felt I had lost my way with audits and found that using PCAxxS was becoming more complex and time consuming. Time spent with InPractice Hot File Reviews has helped me to focus on auditing. InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method software proved to be easier and computer friendly.

Aidan Crilly FCA ( Crilly & Co Chartered Accountants , Great Bookham, Surrey, U.K )

I have always used pencil and paper to do my ETB since I am not into I.T. all that much. This InPractice ETB Financial Statements Production software was easy to use and I got familiarised very quickly.

Michael Cox ( Cox & Co , Essex, U.K. )

InPractice Audit EXEMPT Manual is very cleverly done for speedy work completion.

( London, U.K. )

I am very happy to inform you that we have been appointed auditors to the group of companies for which we acquired the InPractice Audit Manual software. Our firm has been immediately promoted to a Medium Sized Firm in Nigeria with this appointment.

Andrew Uviase ( Lagos, Nigeria )

After a few uses of InPractice ETB Financial Statements Production software you can very quickly produce a set of Ltd Co statutory financial statements. I have also recently used the package to prepare accounts for a sole trader the end result is looking very professional.

Iain McManus BA ACA CTA ( Epsom, Surrey, U.K. )

We have been very pleased to implement the InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method and our staff find it very user-friendly. Keep up the good work.

Jay Dhanjee ( Dhanjee Associates & Cie , Quatre Bornes, Mauritius )

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